Daniel Naaman

Similar to your ordinary website developer, but slightly better.

Mobile First

I build websites as mobile applications from scratch. Only afterwards, I slowly build the experience for computers, tablets and televisions.

Lightning Fast

I build websites that rely on the latest standards in speed and have the fastest load times. I don't use unnecessary code to prevent excessive load times.

Online Presence

I build websites with search engine optimization and the rest of your online presence in mind. The websites I build appear beatifully on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc.

Pure Bootstrap

I build websites with Bootstrap, always. From structure, to speed and performance. Bootstrap has always been my favorite choice for websites.

Super Customizable

I build websites with friendly coding that allows for easy customizations, even for those who are not tech savvy. 

Security Focused

I build websites that are secured, from top to bottom, no fine prints. You will never have to worry about the security of your website.

Let's Chat

Are you curious about what I have to offer? Chat with me now for a free consultation and possibly some free coffee! I'd love to discuss your next brilliant idea with you, and help you make your vision a reality.